Out on a limb

out on a limb





Out on a Limb

It’s in the 40’s in South Florida this morning, prompting an appropriate grouping of phrases to edumicate you on…


cold turkeyThat’s not a pretty sight!

Cold turkey – The expression originates from the goose bumps and pallor which accompany withdrawal from narcotics or tobacco.  The struggling person’s skin resembles that of a plucked, cold turkey.


cold shoulderYeah, if you gave me this, I probably wouldn’t feel too friendly either…even if it was gift-wrapped!

Cold shoulder – The shoulder of beef is the less desirable cut among beef sections.  Serving a cold piece of beef shoulder to your guests is a not-so-subtle message that they are not welcome in your home.  As it is applied commonly, being “given the cold shoulder” is to be made to feel unwanted.


cool cukeTry one of these during your next spa treatment!

Cool as a cucumber – A cut cucumber actually can feel cool to the touch.  This is because they are very moist and evaporation of the moisture provides a cooling effect.  The image of a woman receiving facial treatments with slices of cucmber on each eye is brought to mind.  It is precisely for the cucumber’s cooling effect that it is used in that manner.


Cold handsOne can only hope you can get past the handshake!

Cold hands, warm heart – Science rarely tests the truth of folk sayings and old adages, but that’s what researchers at the University of Utah School of Medicine did and it turns out that “cold hands, warm heart ” is true…at least for women.

The researchers tested 219 people using thermometers that measure core body temperature at the eardrums and peripheral temperature at the middle fingernails.  They discovered that women had colder hands than men, 87.2°F vs. 90°F for men, and warmer hearts, 97.8°F for women vs. 97.4°F for men.  In fact, women were four times more likely than men to have hands colder than 91°F.  Something for me to remember on my next blind date.


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  1. sheridm

    funny, I don’t remember Grandma EVER serving cold beef shoulder to any of our visiting relatives,lol, but man, that cold london broil or beef tongue she made was the bomb!!!


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