It was bound to happen.  It was probably inevitable.  Still, I made it more than halfway through the year, so that’s something.

After multiple updates to my blog and forum, I finally managed to obliterate my discussion board two days ago.  Poof!  Gone.

Oh, the files are still there.  The directories are still there.  I just screwed up some files in the upload that caused the actual board itself to disappear.

I’ve spent time, on and off, for the last couple days on their support boards working with some helpful people trying to recreate the board.  It’s been a wonderful journey of discovery, both of my own boneheaded errors and of others’ generosity in offering hands-on help without pointing out the carelessness of the mistakes.

I should have the board back up today, which taken all in all is hardly a catastrophe, but it does put a dent in my pride.  I was feeling pretty good about my managing both the blog and forum updates without a hitch…until now.

It’s all a positive, though.  For one thing, the forum isn’t very active at this point.  My sales will have to increase significantly for there to be posters on the message board.  Even then, I might not get an active discourse until Book 2 comes out and we get some separation between what people thought was going to happen and what actually takes place.

Of course, if my popularity grows that much, I’ll probably just hire a “webmaster” and let that person take over all of the maintenance issues.

Also, this has allowed me to explore the support area for the forum and has opened my eyes to new ideas and designs I can use going forward.  So, no matter what, it’s been a learning experience.  Which, I suppose, is not the worst thing to end up with after a mistake.

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