Only 5 days until after Christmas!


after ChristmasI can’t wait! It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

I mean, sure, trees are pretty, presents are nice and there’s lots of food and cheer, but come on, what’s better than after Christmas?

For one thing, it’s stock up time on all the stuff you ran out of and were forced to make panic runs to buy. This year, it was boxed cards.

I enjoy sending out Christmas (and Hanukkah) cards to friends and family. I don’t enjoy sending the same ones as last year. As soon as Christmas is over, all those cards go on sale so the stores don’t have to spend all that employee time boxing them up and shoving them to the highest rack in the stockroom.

You know what’s even better that goes on sale after Christmas? Chocolate covered cherries! That’s right, those gooey, sticky, messy little chocolates with the maraschino cherry and some sort of diabetic shock-level sugar filling.

It takes all my willpower to push my shopping cart at speed past the displays pre-Christmas. Once those 50% OFF (or more) signs get hung around the shelves…a hurricane couldn’t prevent me from stopping and shoving an arm across the shelf, dropping everything in its path into my basket.

The trick, of course, is timing the visit. This year stinks, because after Christmas is a weekend. Every shopper will be out there trying to get those clearance sales.

I’ve had the life-changing advantage of being able to shop on any day of the week, so I’ve rarely needed to go into a store on the weekend. But those chocolate covered cherries are unlikely to last the weekend.

Decisions, decisions. And only 5 days left until after Christmas!

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