On the other hand…


game 6…you get a game like last night and it reminds you of why you get so keyed up over sports.

After a day of a lingering shadow headache (not a full-blown headache but one that just hangs around in the background), I had a terrific birthday dinner for my older niece (supposedly both nieces, but my younger is not until next month) and headed back to the house with plenty of time to sit on the couch and watch Game 6 of the NBA Finals.

The headache seemed a bit stronger, or maybe I was just tired from battling it all day, but it was tough to keep my eyes open for a game that started at 9 pm.  I mentioned today that it was a game for the ages, but that my age was too high.  That my team was getting beat down didn’t help any.  And then it had to go to overtime.

And yet, when the impossible turned to the improbable turned to the incredible, there I was, electrified and shouting foolishly all alone with my TV.  Stunning, fantastic and amazing…at least for me and other Heat fans (probably for anyone other than Spurs fans, really).  It was a tremendous experience and an electrifying moment.  And it may all mean nothing if the Heat lose game 7.

The game is on Thursday night, but that’s poker night, so I’ll probably just DVR the game, since I’ll miss almost three quarters.  I usually come back worn out and ready for bed, so I’ll probably just hit the sack and watch it the next day.  It’s only a game, after all.

On the other hand…

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