The Omega effect


omegaIt has been fascinating reading the reviews of my final book in the Jeremy Shuttle Adventures trilogy.

To this point, only copies from my giveaway on Goodreads have been read and reviewed.  It’s possible some of my Amazon sales have been read, but no reviews have shown up yet.  And that’s what’s so fascinating.

The people who won copies of “What Now?” were reading their first book in the trilogy (with one exception).  I wondered what it would be like picking up the third book in a series and trying to read it, especially the final book.

I found it curious so many people entered the giveaway.  Without reading the first two parts, why would you want to read the third?  My thought is that people didn’t realize this was the final book in the series, though I did mention it clearly in the giveaway.

Interestingly, the reviews have been evenly split between “I liked it” and “I don’t get it”.  I could understand the latter more, I suppose, though I’m quite pleased with the former.

In retrospect, I made an error with the second book, “What Next?”.  I had intended each book to stand on its own and not until I was midway through “What Now?” did I realize the cliffhanger ending violated that desire somewhat.

One of the reviewers rightly called me out for that (implied it, at least) and I appreciate those comments.  Other suggestions seemed to me would have been solved by reading the first two books beforehand, though perhaps that’s ultimately the reviewer’s point.

I am curious on readers’ thoughts about what they feel books in a series “should” be like.  Should every book be a self-contained tale and the characters just pick up “at the end” with the beginning of the next book?  Can authors leave characters and situations dangling between books?  Should I have combined Books Two and Three into one longer book?

It’s moot, of course, but the discussion intrigues me.  Feel free to drop a comment and if you’re an Amazon reader, slap your scribbles out on the Amazon page to let others (and me) know what you thought of the books!

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