Old years’ resolutions


When people wish me a happy new year, I cheerfully and sincerely return the wishes. May we all have happy and healthy years ahead. But when they ask me about my new year’s resolutions, I twist up my face and ask them why would I do any better at achieving goals set on January 1st versus, say, January 8th or December 23rd? I mean, I have so many old years’ resolutions I haven’t even gotten to yet!

Exercising my right to choose

Okay, I’ll bet this is probably one on a lot of people’s old years’ resolutions: exercising.

I’ll freely admit, the only thing I regularly exercise is the right to sit on my butt. Now, however, I’ve more incentive than ever to change that tune.


As I mentioned recently, I had a run-in with a poor blood pressure reading that suggested I needed to stop procrastinating and get up off my lazy (but not fat) butt.

I recognized I was about ten pounds overweight (for me), but the BP reading warned me of worse things than a new wardrobe.

The last week or so, the weather is back to my temperatures. So, I’ve been able to get out walking again, along with morning exercises. Those two things alone knocked off three pounds right away.

This morning, I added the Bowflex to the mix. Today should now be my template. Stretching and abs exercises (about 15 minutes), short routine on the Bowflex (about 30 minutes) and a 3-mile walk (about 45 minutes).

Outside of the walk, which I might extend to, but not longer than, five miles, this is my daily plan for the year. I’m well past the body-shaping time of life. Now the focus is simply on good health.

Of course, it’s all about discipline. I’ve had plenty of one day, even one week, successes. If I can get it to a full month, I think I’m home free, since I’m a creature of routine. Heck, even my laziness is a routine. When I was playing tennis four times a week, I didn’t have time to be lazy.

Food for more than thought

This is something I was doing pretty well on for the last two years, my cooking challenge.

Then, Halloween came and the holidays and somehow the whole plan went kablooey.

But, I think the whole pushing myself to cook more and different meals benefits me in many ways, so I need to get back to it.

Shortly, I will post my possible menu choices for 2019. I still have a lot of food I like to eat that I’ve never tried cooking before.

Book it, Daniels

This is kind of a sad tale. I’m abashed to mention that I read almost nothing new last year. I know, I know. Bad, Jeffrey!

And it’s not like I don’t have a backlog. Recommendations from friends, items I’ve noticed browsing stores and even Amazon suggestions all look appealing.

I’m going to start up again, kind of in reverse order, with a book recommended from my oldest friend. It’s a translated-from-Chinese science fiction book, part of a trilogy.

The big thing for me remains, I like to read a book, not a screen. For whatever reason, e-books just don’t excite me. If it’s an affectation, so be it, I’ll live with it.

Thus, I now have the book, The Three-Body Problem, sitting beside me on my desk. I hope to get started on it today, but no later than tomorrow.

And, also hopefully, that reignites my reading hunger and I can chow down on a number of other paperbacks sitting on my shelves, untouched by human (or at least, my) eyes.

Preparing for 2020

Nah, not the election. I’ll wait for the candidates to shake out a little before I make my presence felt.

Never again!

Nope, I’m talking about the big roundy. I turn 60 in 2020 and I think it’s important to celebrate cool birthdays with something big. Maybe not as awe-inspiring as my GNABRT, but certainly something memorable.

Yes, this is sort of bridging old years’ resolutions and new year’s, but it’s not like I haven’t been thinking about it for a while. I just haven’t come up with anything super cool.

As if that’s not daunting enough, the next biggie is 65. Gonna have to be really creative for that one. Phew. Let me get past 60 first.

Old years’ resolutions

So, as you can see, I have plenty of old years’ resolutions to keep me warm in the winter months. No need for new ones.

Calling them resolutions annoys me, anyway. Goals, commitments, plans…these are more applicable, if less romantic.

Whatever they are called, it’s always about getting it done and sticking to the discipline needed. I hope to make headway on these.

And, who knows, perhaps one day I will have something to offer when asked about new year’s resolutions.

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  1. Steve

    Great post, but a few lines fill me with trepidation. I can only hope I gave you good advice.

    Happy New Year to you and all your readers!

    • JMD

      Yes, shiver in fear, old friend, for you may yet be responsible for my giving up reading….forever!

      (cue Psycho movie music here)


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