Old friends


old friendsSeven weeks and two days until my 55th birthday.  Seven weeks and three days until I start out on my Great North American Baseball Road Trip.

The first three stops on my trip aren’t even for ball games, they’re to visit old friends.  At my age, all my friends are “old” friends.  Just don’t tell them that!

Of course, that’s the “old” question:  Are you old or aged?

For instance, stop three on my trip is a friend I’ve known since grade school (known as elementary school in those days).  He and I have both aged, but he’s the only one who grew up.  Does that mean he’s old and I’m not?

Most of my friends are around my age (duh).  Some are older still, even if they are younger friends.  Some are younger than me and all of them are more mature.  Does that mean I act like a kid and not an adult?

Old is often equated with wise.  Wisdom often passes for smarts.  I can’t say I’ve gained any more wisdom as I’ve aged, but all my friends sure seem smarter.

This trip probably works perfectly for my friends and me.  I’ll be there for a short while and then skeedaddle out of their lives at just the right time (a little of me goes a long way).

I’m sure, among other things, we’ll talk about old times.  That’s what old friends do.

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