Is it okay to feel good when bad news turns less bad?


reliefRecent family events have kept a damper over what should be a euphoric time.  Maintaining perspective within the scope of “we don’t have all the answers yet” is always a challenge, but I do like to believe the best possible results will happen to me and mine, so I’ve done my part in staying upbeat.

While awaiting word on the ultimate barometer – the bone marrow test – various members of the family dealt with their anxiousness in different ways.  Yesterday, when the test came back clean, it at least set aside the “worst case scenario”.

What it leaves is the existence of the original bad news (lymphoma), made less bad by the revelation of its extremely localized area.  Treatment options are soon to be discussed, but the relief is palpable.

It’s odd to think that “just” a local lymphoma is a relief.  None of us were happy when we were originally told of the discovery.  The test results take the edge off the fear and dismay.

It’s bad news, but not nearly as bad as it could have been.  So, I guess that’s really the good news.

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