Oh goody


Planning out my Halloween goody bags is pretty simple. I have a spreadsheet I adjust each year for contents and quantity.

But for one year, I’ve never run out of bags to give away. Admittedly, I’ve had to “cross over” an age group now and then (giving out young boy bags to older boys), but for the most part, I tend to overbuild. Nothing is worse than facing the earnest trick or treater and having nothing to give them.

While the planning and the giving is all easy peasy, actually building them is the chore. I can try to lay everything out in some sense of order, but it eventually starts ganging up at me and finally creates a mass of built bags, partially built bags and just loose stuff.

Many are the times I’ve had to scan all the bags of one age/gender group to ensure every bag got one of “item X”. Even though I’m “right” most of the time, again that nagging fear of giving one kid a bag that has less than someone else tends to make me over-cautious.

As always, the comics present the biggest challenge. I’ve mentioned before that comics just have never really been created for young girls. For most of their existence, even older girls were an afterthought.

Nowadays, another problem has begun to crop up: with the increasing desire of teens to see more of the anti-heroes like Deadpool or just plain nutcases like Harley Quinn, there is a paucity of comics that don’t have an increasing amount of graphic violence.

In the past, when Superman punched an alien or Spider-man socked a robber, the action was reasonably sanitized and had the impact of watching a (60’s) Saturday cartoon. Now there are splatters and sound effects that suggest quite dark imagery.

Generally, then, the younger kids get the most valuable (older) comics. Because those are the only ones I feel are “safe” for them.

The older kids get the more current fare, often now labeled with “mature” on the cover. Comic books. Man, I’m so old.

Anyway…I hope to get most of the remaining bags done today (I had a lot left over last year). I’m doing another shift in that I’m not including any candy this year.

One reason is that the kids get plenty of that from everyone else. Another is that I have to empty the candy from each bag before packing it away in the storage closet for a year. And then all that candy is stuck with me in the house.

Oh goody.

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