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of writingOver the course of blogging, I’ve made occasional mention of the “right” way to blog.  Based on professionals and experts everywhere, having a single theme and targeting potential readers (subscribers) to that theme generates the best performance of a website.  Regular readers know I have no general theme, much like my brain.  Much like life.

So saying, less than a quarter of my posts over the three years the site has been up have been about writing, others or mine.  This was always intentional.  Just as now it is intentional that I spend the rest of the month with only writing posts.  My plan is that these be about my writing adventures, but there is the chance that I might touch on others during the span of time (and my regular monthly installment features will be making their scheduled appearances at the end of the month, per usual).

It’s not that I believe I have anything more important or edumacational to illuminate or dazzle you, it’s simply that as I’ve made considerable progress with the final book in my Jeremy Shuttle Adventures trilogy, I find I have more things to talk about regarding writing.

I’m sure it’s hardly surprising that when I’m not writing much I don’t have much to write about writing.  The opposite is also true, but I’m afraid my head would spin off if I typed the sentence again.  Suffice to say, the next couple of weeks will be posts about writing.  Whether that’s an enticement to tune in or an excuse to stay away, I probably don’t need to know…there’s no reason for me to start blogging “right”, after all this time.

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