Of two minds


It’s amusing to use my horoscope sign to explain some of my more contradictory traits.

For example, how I have a degree in Advertising and another in Accounting. How I can create complex macro-driven workbooks at the same time as I publish a company newsletter filled with humor and imaginary “articles”. How I can rationally dissect serious topics or simply laugh out loud at something I’ve found funny about the exact same topics.

So, sure, it’s fun to play the “Gemini” game, but I’m not a subscriber to astrological nuances. Therefore, when I come across a situation that vexes me from both sides of my brain, I just assume it’s the natural order of things. Yin/Yang. Fight/Flight. Me/Other Me.

Though I had to wait until after 9 am to avoid the polar temperatures (below 70), I did get out on a walk today. It was during this period of free association that I connected the shirt I was wearing with my travels from nearly two years ago.

I had on the St. Louis Cardinals giveaway jersey that I got when attending the game at Busch Stadium on my GNABRT. That led me to an imaginary conversation where I was explaining the trip to someone (a total stranger).

THAT led me to a feeling of wanderlust for another trip. Except I never want to take a trip like that again. Except I do, given the right combination of circumstances. Except it’s unlikely such a set of circumstances would ever exist. Except…

(Yes, that is what some of my walks are like. Do not dare to enter my mind at any time, but especially on my walks.)

See, I like to travel, but only with someone. And, I like to travel with someone, but not with strangers. So, if I have no one to travel with, I’m just not going to travel. Even though I like to travel, but not alone. Or with people I don’t know.

Yeah, it’s amazing I ever left home on the GNABRT in the first place!

Of course, it was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. Loved it more than hated it and love it more now that I’m back.

I don’t feel any burning urge to go anywhere this year. Quite the opposite, as I want to hit the beach (if it ever returns to being Florida) and start writing again.

But I either have to find someone with time on their hands (and lots of tolerance for me) or get past my dislike for solo travel.

Honestly, the latter is the most prohibitive, since I often feel alone among people I don’t know, so I’ll have to work on that if I want to hit the trails again.

Or I don’t have to. Really, I’m of two minds about the whole thing.


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