Occam’s razor


norelcoOccam’s razor is a not often enough used principle of logic that says, basically, the simplest answer is the best.

Now that I am permanently beardless (until I grow my beard back again), the siren call of an electric razor is hard to resist.

Both men and women can attest to the drawbacks of a blade shave. Nicks, cuts, the unexpected dulling of a blade too soon and the challenges of those nooks and crannies.

I have the added danger of my soft, baby-like skin, meaning irritation and damage potential are increased.

Generally, most people believe a blade cuts better and smoother than electric shavers. Considering the speed with which my beard grows, that’s routinely a moot point by midday.

My first ever razor, purchased for me by Mom, was a Norelco. It was a curvy little bit of black plastic with round, spinning blades. It was okay and certainly painless.

Throughout the years, during my periods of beardlessness, I have tried pretty much every brand of electric razor in search of the “best”. Remington, Braun, Norelco and Wahl, to name the biggies.

I’ve never actually found the “best”, as each one left somewhat lacking at some point of the face (beneath the nose, under the chin, down the neck). Not that a flat razor didn’t have similar problems.

The big advantage of the electric razor was that it could just be picked up and shaved with. No need for softening up the face and shaving cream.

I recently completed my research on all the current “best” shavers out there. Imagine my surprise when so many of them now allow wet shaving and/or shaving cream. Color me puzzled.

Fortunately, the internet provides quick solutions to questions like these. Ultimately, I discovered that I could have made an even quicker decision.

I’m going to (eventually) go with the new Norelco razor. Turns out, Mom’s still right.

Occam’s razor.

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