Nuts to Soup


Brief post week continues…

Our last food post was about nuts in brownies and how I grew up without them in mine.  Now let’s have a quick chat about soup.  Specifically, Grandma’s super-delicious and impossible to recreate soup.  This could be the best soup ever created.  It was that good.

I have always enjoyed soup, despite living in a hot climate.  Faves include Split Pea (with ham), Clam Chowder (white, not red) and the universal standard, chicken soup.  I never cared for creamed soups or tomato based soups (although later in life, I would come to like lobster bisque).

But there has never been a soup that was even remotely close to Grandma’s for magical, tastebud delighting flavor.  Nothing.  Not.  Even.  Close.

Grandma’s recipe was….whatever.  She must have had a consistent base, since the soup tasted much the same every time it was served, but the contents could change depending on what else was being cooked in the kitchen that week.

It was an amazing soup.  Freeze it and reheat and it STILL tasted amazing.  Have two bowls and it felt like you had eaten a multi-course meal.  And you still wanted more.  It was that good.  The only thing I miss more than that soup is Grandma herself.  It was THAT good!

I’m sure you’ve all got someone in the family (Mom, Grandma, Aunt or maybe even someone from the male side of the tree) who has cooked you something that you fondly remember and still gets your tummy to rumble.  A few of those are probably of the same mystical “nobody knows how it was made” variety.  I think somehow that makes it even tastier.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Campbell’s soup created their slogan (soup is good food) after sneaking out a sample of Grandma’s soup.  I remember many wonderful moments with Grandma and many great tasting home-cooked meals, but nothing stirs my memories and tummy more than remembering stepping into that small kitchen and smelling the familiar aroma of her wonderful, awesome, stupendous soup.

It was THAT good!

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