Nuclear proliferation


I’ve never considered myself a leader.

Looking back over my years in Corporate America, I can see that I had high ideals but a mixture of immaturity and naivety likely caused me to hurt as much as I helped.

Now that I’m all but done with public life, I can focus on what I hope to be in private life:

A follower.

During the past year-plus of political campaigning, there was an ever-increasing amount of posts on my Facebook page from my friends either sharing their views or sharing other people’s posts of their views.

That ever-increasing amount began to become ever-increasingly dark and mean-spirited. I found myself more and more using the “hide post” button until it became tedious.

And that’s when I stopped being a follower. I would say probably between one and two dozen people I simply “unfollowed.”

Not unfriended, mind you. These were people I had enjoyed reading posts and shares from over the time they were part of my friends group. Just now they had gone over-the-top on politics.

I have been periodically scanning their pages to see if the posts have tapered off. To my dismay, I still see plenty and, more’s the pity, the posts seem to have become more bitter and nasty. Too few could be called helpful or healing.

In a month, the whole thing will be official and I’m banking on the normal course of human nature to take over – boredom. I expect people will shortly move on to the next shiny thing and posts will return to some semblance of normal (as if social media can ever fit in that box).

Sure, there will still be some political posts, there always are, but I like to think they’ll get back down to the “hide post” quantity level and I can move forward with my goal of being a follower next year.

Until then, I remain shielded from the proliferation of political nuclear missiles being launched aimlessly across Facebook.

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