Nothing says cleaning like party!


partyIt’s birthday BBQ prep week, so most of the posts will likely be self-absorbed ramblings of little interest to anyone (and that’s different from other weeks, how?).  On the plus side, I’m pretty busy, so they should all be short.

One of the most important tasks in preparing to host 20-25 people inside and outside the house is cleaning.  Cleaning is something that is at the very bottom of my “things I would rather do” list.  Way down.  If you want to know the degree, check out for the scoop.

However, I am also a consummate host/perfectionist/obsessive personality.  Thus, if cleaning needs to be done, I’m going to do a durn fine job of it.  So, there I was, on the front patio with my weapons:  the push broom, the garden hose (w/nozzle) and a gallon of bleach.  And there I was, spraying (the nozzle has a “power wash” setting that is like a baby pressure cleaner), scrubbing and washing.  Even starting in the morning, with the sun on the other side of the house, it was still messy and sweaty work.

But, hours later, after the sun-baked the water away, there was my bright (bleach, remember?) front porch, proud testament to my efforts at my least favorite thing.  Now, if it ever stops raining, I can scrub the back patio, too.

Thank goodness I only do two parties like this a year and the next one is not for five months!

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