Nothing passes the miles like writing


writing milesSometimes my mind just clicks.  Everything works in tandem and I experience a wonderful focus (for what it’s like when my mind is not clicking, tune in for tomorrow’s post).

Now that I’m expanding my walking distance in the morning, there is a redundancy setting in.  The path is much the same each day, just the last part gets extended into new areas.  Thus, the beginning of the trip can become tedious.

Absent the gorgeous sunrises that are recently being masked by cloud banks as the Florida weather begins to shift more towards rain, the early part of the walk can feel longer than in actuality.

That’s why, when my mind does click and I start “writing” in my head, it’s a wonderfully captivating  time.  Most importantly, it’s a mileage gobbler!

Whether it’s composing these blog posts, scripting potential scenarios for a book about my upcoming Great North American Baseball Road Trip, or simply thinking of random social media posts, I can walk for a good long while before “coming up for air”.

By now, my legs have the “1…2…1…2” pace down unconsciously.  Even with the music headphones on, my mind can sift through possibilities and write, edit and “publish” works in my head.

Strangely, I find myself most roused from my writing not when lyric songs are playing, but when a classical piece comes up.  I guess that betrays my deep affection for those classical composers that they so capture my attention.

Still, it is rewarding to “wake up” and see I’ve knocked out a couple of miles of my journey without fully realizing it.

Of course, that’s when my mind is clicking.  I’ll see you tomorrow for a tale of what happens when it’s not…

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