There is nothing but Lebron James


lebron…or so it would appear, especially if you live in South Florida or Cleveland.

I have enjoyed immensely having the best player in basketball in my hometown for the last four years.  Joining forces with our own hall of fame star, Dwyane Wade and the multi-talented Chris Bosh, we have had four years of basketball excellence and success.

It’s a lot to be appreciative for.  If, at the end of his contract, Lebron, Chris or even Dwyane decide to go elsewhere, that’s the option they have.  Even if all three left (a terribly unlikely occurrence), I would still be grateful and happy for the past four years of relevance and spotlight.

And that’s it.  No need to spend each waking hour tumbling through endless combinations and scenarios.  Basketball is a fun sport to watch.  It will be less fun without those three together, but still enjoyable.

In the meantime, I still play tennis three times a week, have lunch with my Dad a couple of times a week, see my friends and family, read good books, watch some (occasionally) good movies and write when the muse moves me.  None of these actions is influenced one whit by which basketball stars play where.

Our local (and much national) news is dominated by manufactured “news” about the free agents in basketball, particularly Lebron James.  Speculation is passed off as fact.  Mysterious anonymous “sources” are cited by “reporters” purporting a certainty that a decision is made and then more “sources” will be cited to state unequivocally that the opposite is the truth.

Please.  Everyone should just go on with their lives.  Focus on important stuff, even if you’re a basketball fanatic.  In a week or so, this will all be past and you’ll wonder why you ever spent so much time discussing a non-issue.

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