Not The End?


Book3_Front_highResI haven’t posted about my writing in a while.  It’s not because I haven’t been writing.  Not exactly.

There was the idea I had been working on that I thought would be more in the vein of John Brunner and was turning out more in the vein of the Psychological Bulletin.  While more people read that periodical than have read my books, I’m not one of them, so I put that idea back on the shelf until I could make it a story or time ate it away.

With my recent preparations for the GNABRT, I’ve been focused on that big trip and the potential book that may come from my travels.  That tale, though, is most likely going to be assembled from the various blogs I post along the 15,000 miles.  Outside of this blog, I’ve not practiced “non-fiction” writing, so the story of the GNABRT may not apply.

On my daily walk today, I was doing what I usually do, that is, dodge sprinklers, step around ant hills, swat at the variety of flying things that like to pester me and try not to entangle myself in spider webs that I can’t see until the sun comes up.

Also, I let my mind wander.

In this instance, it wandered back to Jeremy and his final adventures.  For some inexplicable reason, I began “writing” a new book about Jeremy and his maybe-not-so final adventures.  There were, after all, a number of unanswered questions from What Now?

– Who owned the sketchbook before Jeremy?

– What was it when it wasn’t a sketchbook?

– With a power that great, wouldn’t someone else be after it?

– What did William do with it when Jeremy gave it to him?

I found that I was interested in the answers to these questions and it’s possible some of you readers might be as well.

Nothing is imminent, it’s the barest outline of a skeleton of a framework, but some things seem crystal clear.  One of those things is that it’s not happily ever after for Jeremy and Natalie’s relationship.  Another is based on a well-known adage;  Jeremy has access to an awesome power…power that could even be considered absolute.

I’ll be busy on the GNABRT for the next few months, so I don’t see anything developing during that time.  But then, I hadn’t even considered writing a new story about Jeremy and the sketchbook (whether it would be Book Four or a second trilogy is way too early to decide), so who knows.

Perhaps this is not the end, after all.

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