It’s not always black and white


black and whiteThe saga of Jeffrey’s Next Car continues with today’s official test drive of the Subaru Legacy Limited.

Nice car.  Really nice.

It took considerable willpower not to sign a deal today after some aggressive pricing and a solid trade-in offer.  Still, I can’t just throw away 20 years of loyalty without even giving Toyota a chance to get on the dance floor, so tomorrow I’ll spend the day with them and by Friday I will sign a deal with one or the other.

Yes, I have finally decided to let go of the trusty Avalon and move on.  And in my case, white is the new black.

After two decades of black cars, I’m going to be getting a white one this time.  The manufacturer may be up in the air, but the color is set. Well, maybe not totally.

I was looking at complementing the white exterior with a white interior for a sharp, bunny-in-a-snowstorm look.  I think it would be super cool (literally, in the sun-blazed skies of Florida).

My Dad looked horrified when I told him.  He pointed out that white would show every mark, scuff, stain and whatnot.  Considering he and my Step-mom are second only to me in frequency of appearance in my car, I don’t know if that meant he was more afraid for himself than me.

When I first moved into my home (just after my first black Camry, 20 years ago), I had a white home with white carpets and white living room set.  It was awesome looking and since I had no pets or kids, it stayed that way until my remodeling six years ago.  I think white on white is a great look.

Despite a momentary reconsideration of my plans, I am going to stick with my color choices.  Now, all that’s left is to spend Christmas deciding on which car those colors will go on.

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