None shall pass


none shall pass(Click the image for some fun viewing and mood setting and then come back here for the rest of the story!)


Writing is funky.  Well, I can say that for me…I can only assume it’s likewise funky for many of the other authors out there.

Sometimes, the ideas and words come so swiftly, my mind can’t keep up with it all (let alone my fingers).  Call it what you will…inspired, fertile, in the zone…but in those times, writing is, well, not quite easy, but a whole heckuva lot of fun.

And then there are the other times.  When time slows to a crawl and I can swear I can see each grain of sand as it blows in the breeze and I am stuck on some plot point or story segue.  Impasse.  Blocked.  Frozen.  During that time I’d rather be cleaning my shower tile with a toothbrush than be sitting there, straining that useless gray mass between my ears.

Those times are a great battle, just like the one in the video you just watched.  Unfortunately, many times I end up on the Black Knight side of the battle, stupidly or stubbornly losing the fight to make more magic with my pen/keyboard/whatever.  Unlike the unfortunate Knight, I know something is missing, but everything else is the same (apart from the spurting blood, I guess).

There are simply days when I just can’t write.  It makes no sense, especially when I know how the book is going to end and have laid out much of the space between.  That’s the funky part.  Writing is not easy, but it can be, or at least it can flow easy.

On those days where it doesn’t flow, it feels very much like I have my own personal Black Knight standing in my head and telling any idea that happens to attempt to get through, “None shall pass!”

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