No time like the present



The headline phrase is most associated with getting up off your butt and doing something. I had a blog post all about my procrastination issues and some solutions for it when life forced another – more pressing – meaning to the headline.

There is no time like the present.

None that I can recall, but I’m only a middle-aged man. None that my Dad can recall and he’s…er…an older man than me.

We face a terrible danger, in that we become numb or tune out the news of the day. Or we look at the new shiny object. But in those decisions, we ignore today with the vain hope that tomorrow will take care of itself.

The reality is this: we have a dilemma with our current administration. Set aside your partisan politics and personal agenda issues and simply consider these items:

There is an overwhelming consensus that the Russians interfered with our last election. Our current president is so worried this will delegitimize his victory he refuses to acknowledge that fact, despite serious concerns of future Russian interference. He should be angry and righteous in discovering how this happened and creating the means to prevent it ever happening again.

– There is credible evidence of connections between Trump campaign staff and Russians. Again, faced with potential “bad press”, the president chooses to deny and deflect instead of aggressively searching out and determining the truth. He should be demanding explanations from the people who were supposed to be supporting him.

– There is a continued use of conspiracy theories and unsubstantiated accusations publicized by the current president. Instead of recognizing both the power and prestige of the office, the president continues to communicate as if he is still a candidate for the office he now holds. He should recognize that everything he now says carries more than 40% of America as its target audience and the ripples he formerly caused in the world now amount to tidal waves.

– There are serious challenges facing America both domestically and abroad. Due to colossal misreading of the complexity of U.S. and global politics, the president has made a number of miscalculations on his staffing, his agenda and his interactions with world leaders. While shooting from the hip worked well for him in winning the presidency, he needs to practice a more measured approach to solving all his “easy” problems. Nothing is as simple as “Day One of my administration.” Nothing.

I have never attempted to be subtle or dissembling on my political and social views. They are at odds in most respects to those of the current administration. The points above are not about policy or partisanship, they are about saving America from terrible repercussions.

I don’t like making “political” posts. I don’t like my peaceful existence disturbed by bothersome concepts like right and wrong. Really, I’d prefer to post nothing but silly stuff about my life and my cooking.

But I live in the United States. And the United States is part of the world. I can’t just hope tomorrow will bring a better day. In these challenging, bordering on scary, times, I – we all – should speak up.

There is no time like the present.

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