No news is bad news


no newsReally bad. Awful. Hard to watch, read or hear.

I’m sure you’ve noticed. How could you not? We’re surrounded with it constantly.

I was hoping the occasion of the once-every-four-years presidential election process might provide some relief, but I underestimated the proliferation of “news” sources, made even more ineluctable by the presence of the internet.

In the absence of news, we get bad news. As in, repetitive, boring or just plain stupid. Because, apparently, there is just not enough news to go around.

I get two newspapers, my local area and the Wall Street Journal. I pop on the internet daily to browse various sites, from general news to sports to arts. I occasionally even manage to sit still long enough to listen to the talking heads on TV.

They say the same thing every day. The. Same. Thing.

The only thing different is the head talking. In the papers or online, the only difference is the headline.

Within seconds of the person speaking or sentences of the written piece, I come to realize I heard or read the exact same thing the day before (or before that).

The troubling part is that the people writing and talking present the information as if no one has ever heard it before. NEWS FLASH!

While there is some understanding of the theatrical nature of TV, I can’t begin to understand the practice in print.

Intellectually, I understand the need to fill up hundreds of channels with thousands of hours of programming. I suppose the same could be said for the vast column inches that need to be filled in various print sources.

But, there’s nothing new to say. There’s no “news”, only “olds”.

Now, I’m not saying I want wars or natural disasters or horrible crimes, all I would like to see is the “news”, once it’s been reported previously, be presented simply as information as opposed to plastering something like “Breaking News!” before repeating material that’s been talked about for days.

Ah well, it’s a pointless rant. I acknowledge that. I can turn off the TV or skip over the articles as I see fit. Still, I wouldn’t mind if once in a while no news turned into good news.

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