No need to get all physical


Welp, it’s that time of year again. The obsessing. The imagination running wild. It’s all about to come true. Or not. Either way, there’s no need to get all physical about it. That’s someone else’s job, actually.

Now that I’m in my declining years (bell curve it, peeps), I faithfully go for my annual checkup with my internist. In all, I have four doctors: internist, dentist, optometrist and dermatologist. They all get to see me once a year (the dentist and dermo, twice).

This is the biggie, though. Right? How long have I got to live, doc?

The “regular” doctor, be it internist, GP or some such, is the one who delivers the good or the bad of usually most impact.

As seems to always mystically happen, my lead-in to the exam couldn’t have been worse. Foul or cold weather kept me indoors for months, leading to my least flattering numbers on tests, I’m sure.

Taking stock of myself critically, I definitely see the wear and tear. Aches and pains, especially nagging ones in some joints lead me to believe the family genetics are coming home to roost.

I’ve had a few more headaches this past year, suggesting a changing body chemistry, at the least. Plus, my nagging respiratory issue, which has never been diagnosed, is more prevalent than ever. What it isn’t has been clearly defined. Sadly, as too often in medical exams, what it is hasn’t been named. Meh.

Otherwise, cognitive abilities seem to be okay. I’m doing well on those Sunday crosswords I love. I’ve had a few more “duh” moments of standing in a place and trying to figure out what I was going to do. I attribute a lot of that to the overwhelming sameness of my hermit life.

As for the key numbers? Well, I’d bet, without the daily walks, the cholesterol and possibly BP might not  be too thrilling. I’ve worked hard on the triglycerides (even knocking out soda at home), so I think those could be in line. That’s all that’s ever been “off” before.

Expectation? Probably another year of satisfactory results with a reminder to work on the cholesterol. No meds needed so far (unless you count fish oil), but probably coming (genetics, baby).

So, yeah, I may be getting my annual physical next week, but there’s no need for me to get all physical about it.

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