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nicknameI could have done a post today on my next writing project or the business idea I’m working on or some more stuff related to the third book, but since I’m a bit betwixt and between, I thought I’d simply fall back to a general post more indicative of the title of this blog.   I mentioned earlier this week that my lucky meeting with an old college friend would spawn two posts this week and this is the second.

During my college days at the University of Florida, I befriended (most likely he befriended me, I was (?) a reclusive sort) a fun-loving, way more hip than me guy who also turned out to be president of the dorm we lived in.  The area, called Beatty Towers, was pretty much the class of the campus.  Two tall towers that were supposed to hold only upperclassmen but started admitting frosh (administrative error or design, still unknown).  I can’t recall the circumstances that culminated with me becoming vice president and co-editor of the Towers newspaper (The TowerScope), but I am chalking it up to my friend’s immense charisma and persuasive powers.  We had a blast in the roughly two years we spent together and my friend was responsible for the only nickname that I’ve ever been associated with (“Scoop”, if you must know).

I have certainly been called many names in the past and even had my own name challenges, as you could read about here, but as nicknames go, well, this is my only one.  My only “public” one, that is.

A childhood friend of mine used to call me Danierelli.  No, I did not look like Fonzie, nor do I have any Italian blood in me.  I never knew where it came from, but it worked for us.  But it was never a public persona.

A recent friend of mine calls me Jeffer (pronounced “Heffer”).  I’m neither female nor cow-faced nor especially heavy (maybe a pound or two), so I don’t know where that one came from either, but no one else in his family uses it, so I think we can relegate that one to non-public as well.

At the last place I worked, the department gave me a printed certificate dubbing me as a “Quick Witted Wordsmith”.  That was as much related to the loquacious financial summary emails I would send out that often included so many 25-cent words only Webster’s could love them (no, not the short guy from TV).  Still, the name was only used within the department, so it doesn’t match the general use of my college nick.

In short (or as short as it gets in one of my posts), I’ve only had one nickname in my entire life and it’s just recently been dusted off by the timely visit of my old college co-editor and Prez.  Now, whether I ever actually uncovered a “scoop” to earn the title may require me to dig out the weathered old copies to refresh my memory!

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