My swiss cheese brain


swiss cheese brainYou know how it is.  You try to remember something and you just draw a blank.

Even before I crafted words as a writer, I was careful to choose the precise words needed to clearly describe, detail or answer a situation.

It’s immensely frustrating to be involved in a conversation and suddenly be without the next word.  I know the word I want; I know it!  But it won’t come out for the life of me.

It never helps that the person I’m conversing with offers up their suggestions.  Not only is it rarely the word I wanted, but it now distracts me from the word which I just almost kinda sorta had on the tip of my tongue until – arrggh – another “helpful” suggestion.

Happens all the time.  On all sorts of things.  Some actor.  That song.  A movie title.

This morning, on my walk, I was coming up on one of my possible turn-offs.  It’s the 3-mile crossroad, but I was going 4-miles today, so I didn’t need to turn.  Still, I searched for the road name.


The. Road. Name.  The road I pass every day for the last 19 years.  The road I have turned on hundreds of times in the last couple of years.


And, then, of course:  “Right!  I knew that was the name!”

That’s a terrible reminder of the swiss cheese that’s between my ears.  It’s so…um…

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