My road trip is going to help save the planet


save the planetI’m totally serious.

When the thought of my Great North American Baseball Road Trip changed into probability (and shortly into reality), a friend of mine suggested I contact Major League Baseball or Subaru to see if they wanted to sponsor me.  Later on, other friends and relatives had the same idea, but this guy was first.

I didn’t feel comfortable with a “sponsorship”, but I did contact both to see if they wanted to team up on a charity or community awareness drive.  Neither organization replied (which is why I’m not in sales, I suppose), so I planned my trip as simply a personal adventure.

Just recently, I was contacted by a representative from a start-up company wanting to know if I would help them in pilot testing their product aimed at improving the world through an interactive process.  My cross-country trip provided them exactly what they needed for a test subject.

The problem with the company being a start-up and the product in pilot mode is I can’t really divulge much detail at this time.  It’s possible, as the trip progresses, I may be allowed further expression of what and how I’m contributing to the potential saving of our planet.  If so, I’ll include updates during my regular posting schedule.

I’m excited to participate in the program and glad that in accomplishing a lifelong goal, I will also meet my other wish for this trip, that it could provide a source for helping others in the process.

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