My problem keeping it up


keeping it upI know, I know, this is probably a bit to personal for a public blog, especially considering the promise I made yesterday. But let’s face it, there aren’t that many people who read this thing and getting it all out there (no potentially inappropriate innuendo intended) might provide me the self-therapy I need.

This may be uncomfortable for you to read, but imagine how I feel. It’s shattered my confidence meeting women (let alone dating one) and it’s even blocked me from continuing to write books. To this point, I’ve been unable to solve it myself, but I hate to think I’ll have to stuff chemicals in my body to overcome it.

But, here I am, having finally reached 10 miles a day on my walk, doing daily abdominal and flexibility exercises and eating so much smarter. I’ve lost 6 pounds, the tummy is gone (though not those stubborn love handles) and my stamina is growing.

Except, I’ve been here before and I’ve constantly had a problem keeping up with my exercising.

Hang on, you knew this is where I was going when we started, right? Okay, I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t sending mixed signals.

As I mentioned heading up to the new year, I had some serious goals about my health and shape. It plays a large role in my overall well-being, physical and mental.

For instance, it’s bad enough to go to the beach to write with my farmer’s tan and pasty white “winter” skin, but to go flabby as well, that’s just not right (what do you want me to look like…a tourist?).

And, can I expect a woman to think I’ll treat her with respect and care if I don’t show the same interest in myself?

The plan was to get comfortable with the 10-mile distance before mixing in a little interval jogging. At the beginning of the year, I was even going to add back the Bowflex (nothing ambitious, just 20 minutes a day). That would have me in “playing shape” right about the time the South Florida “winter” ended, setting me up for some serious beach writing.

As for meeting women, well, I would think a motivated, active and creative man with an understanding of goals and commitment might be a guy that would be worth a second date, at the least.

Assuming I can keep it up.


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