My own personal Peep show


Now going on day five of my imprisonment due to my convalescing foot.  Today was the first day I could almost stand flat on it without jerking like I was on hot coals.  That must mean it’s healing, right?

Fortunately, Floridians usually err on the side of a well-stocked pantry/fridge.  This tends to be the case when we have a (thankfully) peaceful hurricane season and thus end up overstocked with non-perishables.  Hard to believe season starts again in two months.  Sigh.

Unfortunately, non-perishables rarely include snack foods, since those have short expiration dates.  Except Twinkies, of course.  Should there be a nuclear war, only the roaches and Twinkies will remain (which should work out pretty well for the roaches, come to think of it).

The problem with being trapped inside your home is that, no matter how well stocked you are, you always get a hankering for some snack item.  Which, of course, you don’t have.

So while I’m stuck without the ability to travel, I am left with only the unwanted thoughts of snacks, which includes candy.  Thinking about candy made reminded me of Easter.  Sorry, that’s just me.  It may be tacky, but it’s definitely not tasteless!  Thinking about Easter got me to thinking about Easter candies and, inevitably, to my enjoyment of (and subsequent suffering from) one of Easter’s most beloved classic candies:  Peeps.

I’ve always enjoyed Peeps.  I’m not a fanatic, I just enjoy them.  It was only in the last decade that I even knew there were whole fan clubs, toys, gifts, screen savers and what-not associated with Peeps.

I finally got a clue when I saw Peep ghosts at Halloween.  Ugh.  That is so wrong.  Let me make this clear:  I’m not a Peep fanatic, I’m a Peep snob.  In my mind, Peeps should simply be little yellow marshmallow chicks with the sugar crystals on top.  No pink bunnies.  No white ghosts.  No orange pumpkins.  Yep, I’m a Peep snob; just like I’m a cotton candy snob (it should only be pink.  Blue cotton candy?  C’mon!).

Welp, in my last job, a co-worker of exceptional talent beyond the accounting area, gave me what could only be described as a “bouquet” for Easter; handmade out of my favorite candies (Chunky bars, Paydays, Cadbury Eggs, Boston Baked beans and, of course, Peeps).  It was an extraordinary design, something she showed great imagination with on other occasions (and not just for me; I always hoped she would start a business doing it).

I don’t know how many of you have had Peeps (I would hope all.  If not, get out to the stores now!), but the chicks tend to come in plastic wrapped packages, with a set of twelve consisting of 3 boxes of 4.  The thing about Peeps is, if left exposed to air for a while, they harden up, so you need to eat them quickly.  The other thing about Peeps is, they are so sugary, it’s tough to eat them quickly.

As it turned out, I ended up with way more Peeps than I could ingest, so I kept a few boxes on my bookshelf in the office.  A few co-workers observed the Peeps and I told them of my affinity.  And then the landslide began.

First, more Peeps from all different co-workers.  Flattering, of course, since it showed thoughtfulness and generosity, but after a while, I needed half of the bottom shelf to hold all the Peeps (I think I was up to about 23 of the mini-boxes at their peak).

If that were all, it would have been a cute footnote.  Since I’m taking an entire blog post, you have to know that was not all.

Suddenly, I was a “Peep fanatic”.  People began buying me all sorts of Peep stuff.  Peep Pens.  Peep Pads.  Plush Peep chicks.  Plush Peep baskets (a Mommy Peep with a handle that had a baby peep attached).  Peep pencils.  Peep erasers.  Pretty soon, my entire bottom shelf was just Peeps. (I had to stuff the financial statement binders in a drawer…nobody ever wanted to play with those).

People asked me if I liked Peeps.  No kidding.  I have a shelf full of Peep merchandise and they wanted to know if I liked Peeps.  Well, they were good accountants, at least.

I told everyone that I enjoyed the candy – occasionally – but that’s all.  The rest was just over-enthusiasm on the part of co-workers.  But you can’t stop a snowball once it starts rolling.  Soon, everyone felt they needed to give me Peeps.  People I didn’t even work with or weren’t even in the same building would come by and drop some off (“I heard you love these things”).  I worried I was going to have to ask my boss for another bookcase.

Eventually, I was able to convince enough people that the furor died down.  Over time I either ate or disposed of the candies, used up the pens and pads and boxed up the plush.  In the last couple years, I may have eaten one small box of Peeps.

Although, right now, trapped in my home with only healthy food to eat (yuck), I’ll bet I could devour quite a few of those little Peeps, so if you’re in the neighborhood, you can pick me up a package.

But they better be yellow chicks.

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