My Halloween just got more complicated


Halloween planogramIt’s never too early to plan for Halloween.

Well, there is one day a year, October 30th, because then it’s too late. But every other day can and should be used in the effective planning of the next magnificent Halloween extravaganza.

I waggle my finger at those of you not spending a good portion of those 364  (365 this year!) days preparing to thrill and amaze the kids (and parents) in your neighborhood.

While I’ve been hard at work thinking about this year’s program, I realize I have made my life infinitely more complex by my recent labors.

If you haven’t been following along (there goes that waggling finger again), I can briefly catch you up by telling you I have been organizing, regrading, rebagging and reboxing my prodigious complement of comic books (over 8,000 estimated).

The task is mainly to get it all tidied up for insurance and estate purposes, but it has stunning impact on my Halloween plans, as well.

Regulars know why, but for you newbies, the reason is because I give away massive amounts of comics in my goody bags each Halloween.

Now that these comics are all recorded in a database and “locked away”, I’ll need to jot down every comic I pull out for bag stuffers and ensure I remove them from the database I’ve recorded them in. Meh.

As for preparations, well, the drawing you see above is my current plan for this year. Here’s a short primer, by the numbers…

  1. Mailbox – it’s actually my neighbors’, but I use it to tie off monofilament line to string lights across the driveway. This year, I may change that part of the display.
  2. Tree (south) – usually a place of miscellaneous spooky hangings and lights, it will need to be specially tailored to this year’s new addition…
  3. The dead thing pen – I haven’t figured out how to make this work yet (from rain and sprinkler disturbance), but I will basically be taking up about half of my driveway and laying a base of black mulch, surrounded by eerie fencing and within a variety of skeletal things, human and animal will be “grazing”.
  4. Graveyard – the classic, web-encased graveyard that also serves as the housing for my fog machine.
  5. Open driveway – the kids need some path to get to the front door…bwahahaha!
  6. Other tree (north) – this is the berry tree (ugh). Good for birds and spiders, not so much fun for me. Both tree and other tree areas will be sporting new inflatables.
  7. Fence – a great area to hang my beloved “fence gang”, a collection of large and small Halloween figures made from a variety of materials. Add on some webbing and throw a few lights on the still diminutive hedge and we’re about done

I think I will spend some time with a Home Depot “expert” and ask for ideas how to keep the mulched area together (not to mention keeping the fences from falling down).

Good gosh, it’s less than 2 months away. So much to do, so much more complicated.

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