My goody bags are gonna stink this year

My goody bags are gonna stink this year - presenting the new lineup of stuff I'm giving away at Halloween, including incense!

The headlines are still dismaying, so it’s time to segue into a little lightheartedness. Cue up the next Halloween blog post in which I detail why my goody bags are gonna stink this year.

For those who came in late

Each Halloween, for the last 20+ years, I give away goody bags to the kids. The bags are separated into older boy, older girl, younger boy and younger girl.

The bags usually consist of some, if not all, of the following: comics, toys, stickers, crayons, coloring books, novelty items, glowing/flashing items, books, movies and candy.

While there tends to be leftover bags and merchandise from year to year, I generally have to buy more stuff every Halloween. I always hope for and try to find new items.

Bringing on the stink

For the older girls, I like to think of something crafty or decorative. Last year it was a cool spider candle holder. I had to buy the candles separately, but thanks to Dollar Tree, that was no issue.

This year, I filled out some remaining older girl bags with these cool skeleton-adorned glass vases (see above). Too small an aperture for candles, so I thought, why not incense?

Trusty Amazon helped me out with that and they’re spiritual as well. Sure, the types of spirits I’m talking about for Halloween and the ones they are for incense are likely different, but still.

Flashing some new goodies this year

Of course, lighted stuff is a Halloween favorite. Some kids don’t even wait until they get home. Makes sense. After all, they’re out in the dark anyway.

My source for all these oddities is the omnipresent Oriental Trading. They’ve got stuff for any need. Quality control is sometimes an issue, but the variety unavailable anywhere else makes up for it.

This year’s lineup includes these awesome additions, good for various ages:

Nifty stuff indeed. All of them either light up or flash.

The tops should be particularly fun for the little kids while the jack-o-lanterns are squishy and light up on squeezing.

Giving out the aww and the eww

Another fun favorite, again from Oriental Trading, are the plush items. This year has some cute (sorta) and not so cute offerings:

Yes, these are a bit oddball, but they also tend to be big hits with the ladies. Well, the cats, at least. In previous years, there were bears with pumpkins.

As for the eyeballs…well, they’re just too weird-looking to pass up. Now, I’m still debating over whether they should only go to guys or if that’s blatantly sexist. I mean, girls like eww stuff, too, right?

Okay, you convinced me, ladies. Girls are gonna get those eyes in their bags, too.

Of course, I ordered them early enough that if they look terrible upon arrival or are defective (a sad problem with some OT goods), I have ample time to return and/or replace. It’s all about the planning, baby!

My goody bags are gonna stink this year

Nah. They never do. The comics alone guarantee trick or treater seal of approval. The other weird stuff is just a bonus.

Still, based on the way my Halloween staging area smells right now, at least some of my goody bags are gonna stink this year.

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    • JMD

      Well, it’s been falling for a few years since a peak of 61 back in 2014. Last year, only 29 youngsters came by. I guess I’ll have to wait for the next baby boom for the demand to increase.

      As for spoiling…you betcha. But only once a year.


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