Must…have…more…shiny objects!


The recent circus surrounding Donald Trump is not surprising. If anything, it confirms my opinion of him. I take care to avoid impugning his intelligence. In fact, his cunning is quite formidable. He gets all the help he could ask for from a media that cannot resist. They must…have…more…shiny objects!

If one looks at Trump’s history, it could be argued that his whole life prepared him for this. He still doesn’t show any better business sense. The soaring national debt suggests another bankruptcy is on the way.

But, his time in the New York spotlight and then on “reality” TV, gives him his most valuable asset: he is media savvy.

Combine that with a casual relationship with truth and you have the elixir for a master distractor. A stage magician, if you will. And, he uses his “gift” on the media every day.

It is especially noticeable when he faces some crisis. Need a rabbit from a hat? Presto! Let me insult a sports figure. Have an ex-employee telling all? Abracadabra! Time to tweet threats at a foreign nation.

Sadly, instead of the curvy assistant in fishnets, Trump has Rudy the TV lawyer as his assistant in this attempt to confuse and obfuscate. Rudy says so many contradictory things that people joke he is just debating himself.

But, it works. Shiny object released! Media cannot resist because they must…have…more…shiny objects!

In the meantime, Trump buys a little more time with sideshow headlines that takes people’s eyes off the ball, if even for a short time.

But, Trump is more ingenious than that. He knows how it would look to wade into a direct “fight” with an equally unscrupulous ex-employee. He absolutely knows better. And that’s why he does it.

Because then, every media outlet follows along quite obediently to the shiny object of the day. And again and again. There’s no need for Trump to change his tactics because he knows the media. He knows they are mesmerized by his antics.

He knows they must…have…more…shiny objects! And as long as the media continues to fall for the trick, Trump continues to perform his act.

Really, which is worse – racist or traitor? Trump makes his choice pretty clear in his tweets. So, stay tuned for tomorrow’s shiny object!

2 Responses to “Must…have…more…shiny objects!”

  1. Steve

    What you say here is quite true. The media stupidly falls for it every time, but part of that is just the nature of how we consume our news. Trump may be the master manipulator, but this will only work for so long and only for the very gullible (his base). Mueller will eventually present his report and time will be up. Resist!

    • JMD

      I acknowledge that the broadcast and internet news media is in love with the “Breaking News” logo. So, they have to fish for anything that is “breaking”. It may be new, but it’s often not really news.

      Interestingly, print media is not as susceptible, due to having the time to consider the worthiness of the items. Thus, the daily newspaper is often the best source for non-hyperbolic news.


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