Mother Nature is giving me the bird everyday

Mother Nature is giving me the bird everyday in the form of a mockingbird futilely pecking at my front transom window.

What’s the beef here? I’m a good doobie. I recycle my recyclables. And I wait until I have full loads before washing dishes or clothes. So what did I do to justify why Mother Nature is giving me the bird everyday?

Giving me the hand that I’m dealt

I didn’t build this house. And, it looks pretty much like hundreds of other houses in this development.

It does have a transom window over the front door. That door faces west. Fun fact: I live so far west that there are no buildings (other than more houses) between my home and the sun. Nor tall trees.

So, that window takes a few hours of setting afternoon sun each day.

Not the most sunny disposition

So, here’s the thing. When I first got the house, the thermostat was placed just to the side of where the washer and dryer are. So any time I did a wash, my A/C believed we were going supernova.

I mean, who puts a thermostat there? Duh.

When I got a new A/C unit, I asked if we could resituate the thermostat. Well, it couldn’t be too far without significant wiring, but it got placed facing the kitchen and out of the little hallway holding the cleaning machines.

Setting a new high everyday

Except now, look at that, the setting sun shines through that transom window directly on the thermostat. So, my new thermostat also thinks we are going supernova.

Who puts a thermostat there? Duh.

Well, now I was good and truly cooked (yes, yes, make your own pun). Clumsy suggestions included “put a piece of paper next to it to block the sun”. Yeah, no.

Film at eleven

Eventually, after more years than I care to admit, I went out and bought some solar film.

I suffered a couple of botched attempts, including getting aggravated enough to ball up an entire sheet of film. Did I mention the transom is a polygon? Couldn’t even give me a standard rectangle. Rassa frassa.

Eventually, I got the film near perfectly cut and situated (no bubbles!). And all was right and good in the world.

Is this climate change?

Until recently.

Over the last several weeks, a mockingbird has been flying up to the transom bar above my door and perching there.

While it pecks away at the window. Aggressively. Noisily.

Seriously. I can be watching TV in the living room and hear these strange sound effects. It takes a few moments to recognize that the sound effects are from my front door area and not the soundbar.

Now, what has changed in the world in which I (and my house) reside? Has the declination of my block changed somehow? The angle to the sun creating a new reflection so befuddling to this one bird?

Note: I presume it is the same bird. Certainly it is always a mockingbird, but I will admit, without guilt of racism, that all mockingbirds look alike to me.

Mother Nature is giving me the bird everyday

Whatever the cause, there is that bird on my transom every day for the last several weeks.

And it is quite noisy and disturbing. I am not quite sure how to dissuade the bird, either.

I don’t want to put up stupid cat decals or some other doofy looking thing on the window. Really, I have nothing against the bird other than its annoying new pastime.

Whatever reason why Mother Nature is giving me the bird everyday, I don’t feel I’ve done anything to deserve it. Perhaps she and the bird can get on the same page and move on.

I mean, that can’t be good for the beak, right? Like crunching ice for your teeth? I’m only trying to be thoughtful here. Let’s see if Mom Nature will go for the win-win in the end.

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