More like a brief hug


embracingAs usual, a thought occurred to me while out on my daily walk.  (It’s fortunate two thoughts don’t occur to me — I’m not sure I could walk and think that much at the same time.)

Here I am, attempting to extend my walking distance each week without knowing exactly how far I’m walking.  Sure, I’ve driven the car around the area and know approximately how far, but there are easier ways.

A lot of new technology exists out there made specifically for walkers/joggers.  Beyond the measuring of biometric data (heart rate, calories, etc.), many of these items tell you clearly how far you’ve traveled.

Or, my iPhone, which has a mapping and GPS feature, could be used to tell me how far each leg of my trip is.

Or, I could choose from probably dozens of apps to download that wold figure this out for me.

Despite my nice home entertainment equipment, advanced desktop, e-reader and iPhone, I really don’t go very far into today’s technology.  No fitbits, no apps (well, not totally accurate, I have 4:  3 for radio stations and 1 for a card game) and no tablet.

I can’t decide if it’s stubbornness or shyness that makes me give more of a brief hug to technology than a full embrace.

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