Moms, moms everywhere…


mothers day…and a card for every one.

I am surrounded by plenty of Moms.  As all of you are, too.  My Stepmom is all that remains of the family group, but there is my sister (Mom of 2) and plenty of good friends (Moms of many).

I have known some of them all my life and all of them long enough to know how hard they work and how much they love.  I have great respect, admiration and affection for Moms of all stripes.

I grew up with my Sister living with my Mom (post-divorce, in my low single-digits).  Dad was around via phone or bi-weekly weekends, but it was watching Mom, working at business and working at Mom, that I learned how thankless the job and how willing Moms were to own it.  Before I was mature enough to recognize how much it meant to her, I expressed my affection the way all children do…hugs, kisses and love.

I had my phases of “naughtiness” (relatively benign, as kids may go) and as I grew, I learned to appreciate more, not just my Mom, but motherhood in general.  The sacrifices, joys, pains and thrills a mother experiences through the lives of her children is unique and precious.

It’s why I have always striven to make sure I send a card to each Mom whose lives I am graced to share a part of.  To me, it’s not a formality or an obligation, it’s an affirmation of appreciation and love for all that Moms do on behalf of their greatest gifts (and occasionally greatest challenges), their children.  It is universal and eternal, whether a child of 2 or a “child” of 42.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Moms within reach of this blog!

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