Miles of reading


miles of readingLike I didn’t already have enough to read.

My love of reading cannot be overstated.  Feel free to peruse this old chestnut for details.  I so enjoy reading.

Now, I grew up with newspapers, comics and books, so this new-fangled e-reader thing is something I’m still getting used to, but I’m getting the hang of it.  I still prefer the weight, texture and smell of a nice book.

I am always jazzed around this time of year because it’s not just electronics and clothing sellers that offer holiday discounts.  I can add to my already hefty backlog at terrific prices!

Recently, another 800-pound gorilla got added to my reading list.  I had some air miles that were set to expire.  Interestingly, the airline offered to “trade” them in for subscriptions to various periodicals.  That’s a novel and surprisingly beneficial way to service your customers.

Most of the selections were of little interest to me, but I was able to snag a full year of the Wall Street Journal.  Lest you be misinformed, WSJ is not just about stocks and investing.  There is copious coverage on domestic and world events, entertainment news and reviews, among other features.

The paper is a daily (except Sunday).  It is big and meaty.  And I try to read it front to back each day.  That’s because of my reading affectation with newspapers (not yet extinct, thank you).  I would always read the paper all the way through…even the ads…and the practice continues today.

I enjoy the WSJ immensely, though it is a serious time commitment.  I wish I had this back when I was flying all the time, as the paper would surely have made all those miles slip past more quickly.  It’s a nice symmetry that the miles of flying ultimately now provide me with miles of reading.

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