le menuBoy this is so tough.

I’ve tried to find replacements and I keep failing.

Way back when microwaves were the size of small houses and you had to get little wind-up things to get your dishes to spin around (okay, maybe those are still needed), there were a couple of “high-end” microwave dinners offered at the grocer.

My favorite was “Le Menu”, a wide assortment of mostly good-tasting meals that came with indestructible hard plastic plates and long-living-but-not-so-indestructible flexible plastic tops.

For decades I used those plates and tops for thousands (tens of thousands?) of microwave re-heats. Oh how I wish I had saved more.

Over those decades, through moves, loans, disappearances and general aging, my current “stash” is down to two plates and one top…even as my microwave reheating has increased (as my home cooking has increased).

I’ve tried other (supposedly) “microwave usable” containers. Like those plastic sets that double for storage containers. Here’s a hint: don’t reheat anything with cheese. Over time (and not decades, either), those containers start melting away.

Recently, I bought some plates that (supposedly) are specifically for microwave use. Here’s a tip: don’t heat anything in a red sauce. Additionally, after reheating a stuffed cabbage last night, some of the cabbage “burned” into the (supposedly) specifically-designed-for-microwaves plate.

I don’t know how they made those old Le Menu plates and tops, but I sure wish someone still made them. Heck, you could even use them in the oven (keep it under 350, folks!). I checked on eBay and people still have some plates, but the tops apparently have long since vanished.

Ah well, I will keep searching the various kitchen sections of various stores and hope one day to discover some manufacturer who makes a product that matches up to the microwave brilliance of those old Le Menu plates!

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