Messy green road

green roadMy family is big on recycling.  Really big.

It’s nifty that my Dad, of the pre-boomer generation, is the loudest and proudest of the recycling voices.  My sister and her daughters are next in line.  I have to say that I’m probably only “average”.

I mean, I separate my paper, plastic, glass and metal and I wash out the recycle before I put it in the bins, but I’m somewhat unschooled on other items.

For instance, I was under the mistaken impression that mail should not be put in the recycle.  Other than potential identity theft, apparently there is no rule against mail being recycled.

This past weekend, my elder nieceling informed me that the styrofoam the meats I recently purchased sit on can be washed and recycled at the supermarket in the egg cartons bin.  Makes perfect sense if I give it a minute’s thought.

Therefore, it comes to me that my GNABRT will make my car very messy.  In order to recycle as I traipse down the road, I’ll need plastic bags for paper garbage and plastic & can garbage.  Oh, my poor brand new car.

It would be nice to think that every place I stop will have recycle bins, but I think that’s overly optimistic.  It’s likely I’ll be carrying my recycle around a bit, at least if I stay committed to being green.