Merry Melodies


merry melodiesWhen I was little, the cartoons were quite different from today.  Without getting into a debate over which cartoons were “better”, I’ll just say that among my favorites was “Merry Melodies”, which was a Warner Brothers creation.

Often, the ‘toons would take a famous song or orchestral work and set the cartoon to the music, with the requisite anthropomorphic characters taking the place of humans.  Great fun and imagination.

Recently, while I was on one of my “free association” walks, I noticed I was doing some of the same with my playlist songs.  Not so much placing cartoon images to the tunes (toons to tunes?) as I placed memories or environment to the songs.  It was more “music association” rather than “word association”.

For instance, as I was listening to a Yes song, I began to think about the Roger Dean painted covers and that led me to thinking about the dorm wall I painted in college (when I began listening to Yes for the first time) and that led me through a host of college memories.  Fortunately, Yes tunes tend to be more than long enough for ambling reminisces.

In a different example, as I was glancing up in the sky at the encroaching dark clouds, out blared “I Can’t Stand the Rain”.  Just a funky coincidence.  And then, three songs later came, “I Wish it Would Rain” and exactly next came, “It’s Raining Again”.  Now, with almost 1,000 songs to choose from (and some of those classical pieces), the odds should be pretty slim in delivering me three rain songs in a roughly fifteen minute span…just as storm clouds are coming over my head.

It’s stuff like that on my walks that makes them so fun.  My brain goes either into overdrive or sleep, whichever side of the coin you see, and all sorts of wacky thoughts can be triggered or imagined by the music.

Much like those cherished Merry Melodies.

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