mehEver have one of those days.

Y’know, get up in the middle of the night because of your (a) brain (b) stomach (c) disturbance (d) whatever and then become too restless to immediately return to sleep.

Then, a couple of hours of interrupted normal sleeping pattern later, you finally hit the sack, already knowing what this beckons for the coming day.

Surely as the sun rises (and you, eventually), you find yourself out-of-kilter. The day seems askew, as if you’re walking in it at a 45 degree angle.

Suffused with a sense of misplacement, you wander through the early part of the day aimlessly, unmotivated to accomplish even the simplest of tasks but also too lackluster to do boring things.

You turn on the TV and almost immediately turn it off due to lack of interest. You try to read but show a similar dearth of engagement.

If I were being poetic, I would call it ennui, but I haven’t even the enthusiasm to do that, so…meh.

I saw it coming as soon as I didn’t go right back to bed (sometime about midnight). It was selection (a), which meant I wasn’t going to figure it out or solve it.

When I got up, I was fuzzy. I sensed more was coming, though, in that way we all know when a day is just going to be blah.

Sure enough, mid-morning, my head felt like it was on a badly pressurized airplane and my great blog I had for the day hurt to think about, so you get this.

Funny thing is, I actually got a lot done, including my most-loathed cleaning. But anything that required my brain…meh.

At times like this, my purebred Floridian assumes control. The air conditioning irritates me so I shut it off and open the windows to the 89-feels-like-99 Florida summer. Believe it or not, this actually helps.

Of course, now that my head is slowly clearing, my neck aches, but that’s all part of a meh day.

Nothing tragic, nothing suffering, nothing worthy of sympathy or concern.


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