Right after regaling you about why my blog is not about selling more books and only nominally about my writing, here’s a post that is about my lack of posts about my writing.

If you’ve been to the Facebook page, there have been no more photos of the beach.  If you’ve been to the forum, there have been no more updates on my progress.  And if you’ve been reading along here, we’ve certainly had no conversation about it.

It’s not exactly inexplicable.  Call it summer doldrums; call it ennui, call it writer’s block, call it what you will (just call it something already and get to a point).  Ahem.  As I was implying, there has been a reason for a lack of posts about the books recently and it’s a simple one.  There has been a lack of writing recently.

The situation is odd, in a way.  I have continued the development of the book inside my head.  The characters are getting into and out of situations; suffering setbacks and making new discoveries; having long and insightful conversations…just none of it has reached the page.

So, I’m not lacking the desire, merely the will.  Of course, without will there is nothing.  It was clear that I needed to figure out the “why” of this issue if any of you were ever going to get to see whether Jeremy ever meets his Dad.

Given that I am inclined to introspection (perhaps too inclined), it was not hard to find a root cause for the lack of drive.  That the subject is a tad more personal thanI am willing to explore on this public forum doesn’t preclude me from stating, in general terms, that it is an issue all of us deal with at some point.  That I thought I was dealing with it effectively and must now conclude I was not, suggests that my introspection could use a bit of a tune-up.

Today was my breakthrough; a reminder that I’m at my smartest when I remember I’m not that smart.  Self-sufficiency for such a long period of time can trick a mind into believing it’s more capable of handling certain situations than “other people”.  It’s both humbling and enriching to realize I’m just as susceptible to the human condition as anyone.

The good thing is, like the weather left behind after a hurricane passes, my mind is clear again and the typing has resumed.  Book 2 was at about one third finished before my…distraction…so I’m still in reasonable shape for a release target of this year, albeit late this year.

So hang in there readers and website browsers, you should see more changes to all the pages over the next few months.  As for me, I’m just happy to be writing again!

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