When it comes to my writing, I don’t suffer patience well.

I’m in an uninteresting part of my book right now.  Yeah, that sounds bad to admit, but it’s not as bad as it sounds.  Or maybe it is.  If something is uninteresting to the writer, odds are it’s uninteresting to the reader.

The problem is I need this part of the book to get from here to there.  “There”, in this case, is the part of the book I’m itching to write.  I have to have some form of transition to get you to “there” honestly.  No “and then he woke up” cheats allowed.

In comics, you can easily get away with this by putting that little caption in the upper left corner that says “meanwhile” or “later”.  That doesn’t work in books, so I continue to plod along through the transition chapters to get me (and ultimately you) “there”.

Of course, the funny thing is, I’m likely to trim these chapters right out of the book during rewrite because, well, they bore me.  By that time, the book will be done and I will likely come up with a less cumbersome (or at least more interesting) way of getting you “there”.

I could just skip these chapters and move to the “funner” parts of the book and its whirlwind ride to the ending, but these couple of transition chapters would be nagging at my brain.  I’d like to think I’m not slavishly tied to a linear writing process, but the evidence suggests I could be fooling myself.

I’ll figure it out somehow, even if it’s writing only a couple of pages a day.  I know, once I get past this I’ll start flying, because I’m letting out all the imaginative stops on through the ending.  I’m looking forward to writing those chapters.


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