I mean, it’s only a BBQ…


messy bbqUgh.

My aversion to (despising of?) cleaning must now face the head-on battle with my upcoming birthday BBQ.  That means, as I stare out my sliding glass doors into my patio, I see great evil in my future.

The first issue is the grill.  I don’t grill every day, but I grill every week, often many times a week.  After a while, the grates finally give out.  I usually use iron grates because they offer a more even heat.  I purchased stainless steel this time because they’re easier to maintain and, as I said to one of my attendees, “It’s only you guys”.

However, before I can put on the new grates, I need to fully clean the BBQ and the “flavor bars” (check out the Weber Genesis B, if you’re interested in the particulars).  Some might say I should retire my grill and get a bigger one for these parties, but my old Silver B works just fine for me.

Okay, grill cleaned, what’s next?  How about the patio itself.  That tile gets awfully dirty after a while.  Bring out the scrubbing mop.  Oh, one point of note:  while the tiler did a wonderful job when I first asked him to replace the outdoor carpet, the patio was poorly leveled originally.  That means, as I’m mopping and rinsing, the water all builds up on the front edges of the patio instead of, oh, let’s say sloping out towards the screen door.  Add in about 30 extra minutes of brush-brooming water towards and out the patio door.  Duh.

Let’s not forget those long-in-storage extra chairs.  Beyond wiping off cobwebs and dust, there’s going over each of them with Fantastic to make sure someone doesn’t lean back on the fabric and receive a nice take-away for their trip home.

Of course, the sliding glass doors could use a little Windex and that spline on the screen door is loose again.  And there’s the serving tables that need to be cleaned off.  That should just about do it.  Lot of effort for just a BBQ, especially for someone who abhors cleaning.


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