Manual transition


owners manualI began learning how to drive this past weekend. It sure feels that way, at least.

After 10 years, I retired the trusty Avalon and now attempt to navigate around town in my new Legacy.  In order to have some hope of making sense of everything, I’ve been reading the monstrous tomes known as the owner’s manuals.

I’ve been told that most men don’t read owner’s manuals.  I have to say, I don’t know why, though I would agree, based on my own non-scientific sampling.

I can’t use the word “enjoy” for my reading, but I often find out “cool facts” about the product by going through those thick books.

In the old days, you pretty much only had one owner’s manual per item (even cars), but now there is so much in the cars that you get at least two.  I have a mini-portfolio with my car that is probably 4 inches thick and contains all my manuals and “quick start” guides.

I would like to think that I could just hop in the car, take off and figure it out along the way, but consider this:  when I got my last car, the iPhone had not even been introduced yet.  Think of all the changes since then…and most of them are jammed into my car!

I just finished voice commands and hope to get to navigation sometime this week.  I’m still waiting the required 3-days to be able to roll down my windows (hmm, guns, window tint and vampires…), but we’ve had unseasonably cool weather so I’m good for the time being.

It may take me a month or so to get used to all the gadgets in the car (not to mention the more aggressive steering), but I feel confident I’ll get the hang of it in time for my big North American Road Trip.

Honestly, the only thing I may never get used to (after 20+ years the other way) is remembering that my gas cap is on the right side now!

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