Malady or malaise


malady or malaiseA little coughing, a little achy and a lot of ennui.

I’ve returned to the keyboard to blog for the first time in two weeks and I’m unclear the reason for the time away.

There is some doubt whether I’ve been slightly sick or just slightly meh. In either case, it led to a couple of weeks of listlessness.

I think I broke out this weekend by getting back out on my morning walks. Curiously, I didn’t cough during the four miles of walking, but began coughing almost immediately upon returning. Perhaps my house is too dusty?

Of course, the achiness can’t simply be explained away by inertia. Well, mostly not, though perhaps simple inactivity and bad body posture helped create a fertile breeding ground.

Figuring out whether there was a chicken or egg situation going on proved ultimately pointless and it would appear, persistent intermittent coughing aside, that I’ve “broken through” my malaise, capped off by my successful creation of my first-ever pot roast on Sunday.

Cooking can sometimes create for me a reason for motivation when I’m otherwise lacking. Cooking something new heightens the thrill, as the risk of utter failure matches against the pride of something savory.

I impressed myself by throwing on a long-sleeve shirt this morning and getting out for my walk, even though the temperature was still in the 60’s. And I’m typing this blog, meager as it is, so that’s something.

I still can’t be sure I didn’t have (and possibly still have) some minor chest cold slowing me down, but malady or malaise, it appears I’m over the worst of it.

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