Making good


BookOne_Front_highResWe’re inching ever closer to the completion of the Jeremy Shuttle Adventures trilogy.

Yes, the books have been completely written (and rewritten) for some weeks now.  Yes, the books have been submitted, accepted and processed.  Yet still…

What Now? is the last part in literal and literal ways.  I only await the processing of the e-books through the various online sales sites to be able to “officially” say the series is done.

In the meantime, I’ve got some making up to do.  Several of the people I sent review copies of What if? have responded to my apology email requesting corrected copies.  I dashed those off yesterday.

The feeling of relief that brings is palpable.  I may never get rid of the foul taste left by the discovery of those errors in my first published work, but I feel great knowing I took the high road and now the books are better because of the feedback (and my willingness to listen to it).

I’ve got my copies of the paperbacks for all three books to use for marketing or gifting purposes and I’m looking forward to kicking off some promoting of the series once I know it’s for sale everywhere.

Today, perhaps?  This weekend?  The suspense builds!

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