Making a short story long


Mom Nature.

I love her and she drives me crazy.

With great anticipation, I plugged in the extension cord for the north side of the Dead Thing Driveway, the Pied Piper and his gang of rapt skeletons.

Nothing happened.


As I silently raged and called down the wrath of Halloweens past, I glanced over to AC’s side of the driveway. Great Gods of Above and Below! A whole rope length of LED lights was out there as well!

What in the bejeebers was going on?

I had several back up ropes in the house, but I couldn’t figure out what had caused the outage and didn’t want to mess up any more lights.

After a long period of testing lights inside the house and outside, I finally deduced the problem – Mom Nature.

Apparently, these “outdoor” lights are not quite as water-resistant as advertised. Interestingly, I couldn’t figure out which was the chicken or the egg, but the rope lights connect to a power cord extension. The extension shorted out from the water and thus shorted the lights. Or in reverse.

How did I know it was the power cord extension? Well, when I used it on a new rope light, it made a “fzzt” and killed that rope light. Yah, expensive testing technique.

I threw out three power cords and two full rope lights (sigh). Then I wrapped the new cords and lights where they connected with electrical tape. Many times. And once more, because anything worth doing is worth overdoing.

Of course, Murphy’s Law was in full effect because the two rope lines that shorted out were…the ones secured inside AC’s and PP’s clothing. Thus, undressing and redressing was required. In a slow drizzle.

Now, as baneful as Mom Nature was to me on my lights, she at least cut off the drizzle midway through the work and provided me a beautiful rainbow to work under.

And that’s a long way to tell you that my rope lights had short circuited last night.

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