Major league outrage


outrageIt’s tough to upset me.  Really, I’m very Clark Kent (although we wear shorts and t-shirts here in South Florida, so hiding spandex would be a problem anyway, even ignoring how dadgum hot it must be).

But I’ve finally reached the point where I just can’t keep my mouth shut anymore.  The joke that the Florida…excuse me…Miami Marlins have been turned into demands some rant from me.

If you’ve dared to take the perilous journey into my blog posts and discovered more about me, you will know I love baseball.  While we didn’t have a professional team while I was growing up, everyone held their spring training down here.  When I say everyone, of course, I refer to the east coast…as a kid, I knew the west coast existed since there were teams listed in the standings in the sports section.  My bedtime did not allow me to actually prove they existed by seeing any of those games on TV.

The Marlins have already been a rags-to-riches-to-rags story too often.  I was at the first World Series we won, 7th game, extra innings.  Thrilling.  They sold off the players the following year.  Five years later they caught lightning in a bottle and some outperforming veterans and outstanding kids won a second World Series.  They sold off those players, too.

Last year, in an attempt to justify a horrible decision by Miami to build a stadium on the taxpayers’ backs (and far away from much of the previous fan base), the Marlins spent more money than ever on high-priced players, changed their name from Florida to Miami and lost a boat load of games.  They sold off the players yet again.

Now, they have a group of players who, frankly, have no shot at success in the big leagues for a long while.  There will be no lightning caught with this “team”.  In fact, the running joke is that there is no longer a professional baseball team in Miami.  Ouch and arrggh.

It’s a terrible and self-serving decision by a baseball owner apparently only marginally interested in providing good entertainment for the half-billion dollar stadium erected to house his team.  It is entirely about money, gobs of it, now flowing into his bank account at the expense of the most all-American, tradition-rich professional sport.  It’s a disgrace and it’s a joke, the kind that no one ever laughs about.

His mismanagement has turned the Marlins into a train wreck and not even someone more powerful than a locomotive can save them.

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