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mailing listThe second giveaway on Goodreads is over and it’s time to send out copies of What Next? to the lucky winners.

I am excited to be shipping these books out and not just for the chance at more readers leaving reviews.  There are a lot of things I find fun about mailing lists.  I wonder if others share a similar enjoyment.

Before I get into the list, I have to comment on the giveaway process.  It was fascinating to watch this one build so much differently than the first giveaway on Book One.  Perhaps that is the nature of a first book in a series versus a later copy.  With What if?, the book immediately jumped into the mid hundreds, eventually reaching the high hundreds by the close of the giveaway.  On the second giveaway, the entries increased steadily, but slowly.  Then, in the last few days, the number of entries more than doubled.  It was fun to watch.

Also enjoyable is seeing the names and locations of the final winners.  Many times, I have never heard of the city of a winner.  When that happens, it gives me the opportunity to do a little Googling and, consequently, learning.  Another cool thing I discovered is that an APO is treated like any other location in the U.S.  Thanks to America’s infinite respect for those stationed overseas, the country only charges U.S. residents the cost of mailing to the APO, picking up the remainder of the cost once the item leaves the country.  Only one entrant had an APO address and I plan to match the country’s respect by picking up the cost to bump the package up to Priority Mail.  That will help the book move faster after it leaves our shores.

Other fun things from mailing lists come from the variety of names and the occasional appearance of a person right around the corner.  One of the people on this mailing list lives within a quick drive from me (no, I didn’t recognize the name).

I learned a lot from my first giveaway, the most important was to prepare all the book ahead of time.  They’re currently sitting on my desk all taped up and ready to be slipped into envelopes.  I just need to run a new mail merge and print the labels and I can head to the post office tomorrow.  I also learned not to try to plop them all in one box.  For one thing, the parking is pretty far from the post office door.  For another, 50 books get a bit heavy.  For a last thing, mailing envelopes don’t sit well when stacked.

I’m looking forward to introducing a bunch more people to Jeremy’s adventures.  I’m interested to find out how well the story reads when someone starts reading it in the middle (literally).

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  1. Diane

    Interesting take on hard labor 🙂 When I used to sell books on Ebay I would print shipping labels through PayPal; most carriers had an option to have them picked up at my home. I didn’t use that though because I had a regular pick up at my work. The USPS lady even left me a bin she could carry them out in-she loved me. Really. Sometimes it’s fun to go to the Post Office though. I love to people watch! Can’t wait for my book! (I know, I must) Yay me!

  2. JMD

    I used to sell collectible paper (books, comics, cards) back before there was an internet (yes, I’m that old). “Mail order” was only conducted through periodical advertising or the classic “send an SASE for a list”.

    I would trudge all shapes and sizes of boxes to either UPS or USPS. There were no flat rates, special envelopes or other time-saving measures. Today’s packaging and shipping seems easy to me!

    • Diane

      I grew up on a rock in Alaska (Kodiak) before the internet, haha. I do know what you mean, especially trudge 🙂 We had USPS (planes) and boats – and both were weather dependent. Sucked at Christmas when everything was ordered out of the Sears & Roebuck Catalog and we got buried in a blizzard so no presents got in. Should have heard the creative Santa & reindeer tales to cover the delays. Good times! All the current tech is amazing really, but I wouldn’t change a thing about those days. I almost feel sorry for the kids these days 🙂 Lol, here I go again, rambling on…thanks for stirring those memories. It was nice. Happy shipping and don’t forget to say hello to a stranger (with a smile on your face)!


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