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paperback vs ebook(Apologies to Journey)

When we were last together, I talked about jumping into my New Year’s resolutions early. In the short span of time from then to now, I’ve done just that.

The house is fixed, the car is beautiful and by the end of the week the patio should be upgraded.

And everyday I’ve been reading.

What I’ve been reading is paperbacks. Glorious, lovely paperbacks. They have weight, they have substance, they have odor (mostly good).

I love ’em. So much more than e-books.

I’ve done the e-reading thing. I’ve got the big screen Kindle Fire with the adjustable back lighting and all the trimmings. It’s sleek, light and easy to use. One word perfectly sums it up:


I’m fine being a relic. I like a “real” bookmark slipped between paper pages. I like trying to figure out how to counterweight the book so I can read it while eating. I like trying to figure out how to get proper lighting on the pages.

There are absolutely no problems I can think of with paperbacks that aren’t solved by e-readers. And I still love paperbacks more.

I’m certain to continue to read books in an e-reader, if for no other reason than the significantly reduced cost. And, I guess, shelf space.

But for pure enjoyment, nothings beats loving, touching and reading a paperback.

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