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Ugh. Just ugh. It’s been a pretty crummy start to the week. Oh yeah, and as the joke goes, it’s only Tuesday. Really, I was only looking for some support. Unfortunately, this is what I found…

Let us charge you for our mistakes

So, as you are aware, I recently had a visit from Comcast technicians. In fact, I had two visits. Plus some phone calls. Ultimately, my spotty internet problems got solved, as you can see here…

The last good act of Comcast

A few days ago, I received my e-bill from Comcast. Generally, with most companies now, you pay in advance of your actual service. Comcast is a little different. My bill is not due until about 10 days into the new service month.

Which, as it turns out, is fortuitous. Because my current bill is about double the regular amount. Startling, for a person who only gets internet service. My bill is always the same amount. No taxes, no special fees.

Perplexed, I called up the bill PDF. Son of a gun. There is a charge for the service call for the technician visit. As you know from reading my link, the problem was discovered to be outside my home.

In all my time with Adelphia/Comcast, I have never been charged for a technician visit. Even, rare as it is, when the issue is inside the house. So, I wonder, what is this $60 charge? Plus $4.20 of tax (seriously, they tax the visit?).

A call into Comcast “support” yielded the “I can’t remove that for you” and “We always charge for a technician visit”.

I asked for a supervisor and informed the person on the phone I would not pay the charge.

Two days later, I get a Comcast call. The supervisor repeats the previous statements (the computer response log must be the same for all levels of phone contact).

I tell the supervisor that I will not be paying the charge and, if it is not removed, I will cancel my Comcast. Incredibly, the “supervisor” simply accepts that without any attempt at mediation. Not even, “Is there anything else we can do to change your mind?”

Solution: There really isn’t any good one. I will drop Comcast and take on U-Verse for a year (my area will not allow dishes) while I mull over other internet options. Yes, I recognize ATT is no step up, but I have had it with Comcast.

The bill is trickier. I still do not plan on paying for the service charge. How Comcast’s attitude towards pursuing it will be affected by my terminating service, will be interesting to see. I presume a collection service and my countering letters to credit agencies (as a contested charge) are in my future.

Support review: Incredibly, Comcast manages to take me from my highest opinion of their support staff (after the herculean effort of the last two techs) to the lowest ever. I am now willing to give up high-speed service and an email handle I’ve had for 20 years to be rid of Comcast. I am no longer looking for some support…just a separation.

Whatever happened to 2-day shipping?

So, the sad tale of my defective Blu-ray player continues. I was premature when I posted the following link. Apparently, trust and respect are harder to come by than support.

I just want to watch something!

What that means in real terms is this: after the three-week wait for my “fixed” 4K Blu-ray player, I have it for less than a week when it starts exhibiting more problems than it had when I brought it in for repairs!

Now, the discs freeze and skip. And, just for laughs, the loud noise is back. Grrr.

Okay, I bring it back to the same repair shop. I have three guys standing in front of me. Picture the three monkeys – see, hear, speak.

One says he knows exactly what is wrong with the player. Another assures me the part will be in by 4-5 days. The last promises it will not take three weeks this time.

At two weeks, I make my first call. Nope, part is still on order. Hmm. Frustrating, but I am a sucker for trusting people to be straight, so I mention the promises, but let it go.

At three weeks, I call again. Nope, part is still on order. I give the phone person a little speech about the three men, the promise and how can anything be on order in the world of 2-day shipping?

I drive down to the shop and pick up my Blu-ray. One of the three wise men is there at the counter. He tells me the part is on back order (the repair shop’s version of “the dog ate my homework”).

I ask why someone didn’t at the very least call me and let me know about the delay. He says, “They should have.” I ask, who is “They” (this is a very small shop, about 4 guys and an office person). He does not respond.

Solution: I contacted LG and they are sending me a box and shipping label to send it directly to them via FedEx.

Support review: Foolish me for trying to give a local business an opportunity to support me. My whole home is LG, so they would have been flush with repairs for many years to come. Instead, I am treated like an afterthought. No point in looking for some support in a business that doesn’t understand the concept.

I actually had yet another customer service issue. This time with Amazon.

All my reviews had disappeared. Several days (and emails) later, they are back. As is my top reviewer ranking (after a few more days).

Thing is, they kept in constant contact and ultimately resolved the situation. Amazon consistently stays on top of their specific customer issues (or, at least the ones with me).

When it comes to looking for some support, though, it is becoming an increasingly rare find.

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